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Discussion Tales of Elvenar YouTube series - discussion thread


Community Manager
Elvenar Team
The new Tales of Elvenar YouTube series has been announced here!

Please use this thread to discuss the series.

Dew Spinner

Well-Known Member
It's a cute story, but it makes it seem like the primary audience for Elvenar is children about age 8. I hope that's not the new target audience.
Inno always implies they don't have the time or budget to fix the problems with the game.....but they have time and budget for this crap when it does absolutely nothing to help the game. They must think we are all 8 yr olds to believe the BS!


Well-Known Member
I like it. It's a classic tale and the artwork is lovely. I'm ready for the Elvenar adventures of the golem babies. How did they end up dancing down main street in the carnival float?
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