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Tech Tree tip


One of the things I do when opening a new chapter is to find all the city expansions and work toward clearing them as quickly as I can. To do this, I hover over the expansion and look at the green line and write it down, then I hover on the tech item the green line pointed to and follow the green line back to the item that opens it. It's a a backwards move, tracking things back to the beginning. each time I write down the tech items I need to complete to get to the city expansion the quickest. when I get back to the scouting tech, I have my list and complete each of those techs and the expansions. then I go back and fill in all the techs to complete the chapter. This has worked wonderfully for me as I get the space I need to have wiggle room with my buildings. I thought everyone knew about this but found that a lot do not so thought I would post it here.


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That's a good idea, especially for early chapters.

As a counter point I'd suggest doing the opposite for guest races (chapters 6+)
The reason being that you want to start producing the guest goods asap, so unless you are desperate for space to place those guest factories, leave all other techs for later when you get tech locked waiting for those special goods to pile up.

A great example is the Fairies- I'm still a couple days away, but I definitely plan on shooting up the middle to get day and night farms before going back to get expansions and squad upgrades
EDIT: To be fair, I should mention I used just over 6 expansions for dwarves, so I'll have all of that to place farms on while I go back for the expansions.
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Good point Soggs! It has really helped me get to the things I want to reach quickly on the tech tree for sure!