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The Brethren seeking active but laid back players.


New Member
We are seeking active players who enjoy all the game's features, and a relaxed fellowship where you are in control of how you play. We're not pushy like other fellowships we just ask that you visit and offer fair trades. We do have members that participate in the Spire and the Tournaments, 10 chests would be great but hey if we only make a few we are happy. Our fellowship is open to join at any time and we look forward to seeing you there!!!!!

Lady Chessa

New Member
I'm just starting the Dwarves chapter on Felyndral. My boosts are Steel, Scrolls and Magic Dust. I play daily and visit map and fellowship members daily. I'm seeking an easy going fellowship without pressure. I do spire and tournaments but don't want to be pushed to deplete troops and goods every week. I only offer 2star, same tier, trades, unless otherwise prearranged to help out a fellowship member. This is my smallest city on one of three worlds that I play daily. Your fellowship sounds like a good fit for me. I'd like to join if you have the space for me.