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The Irish City has a couple of places for you!

Saphirra the magnificent

Well-Known Member

Designed by Itireae Sharic
We, The Irish City FS, are giving 2 lucky people a chance to be in the FS. Here is a list that the AM made for requirements. :)

"New members joining the fellowship will remain at the Fellow Status for a total of two months before advancing to Ambassador Status or above.

On a monthly basis the members are required to perform the following. Fight or negotiate two battles on the world map. Complete at least two major quest steps. Members are expected to visit other members and help with neighborly gifts on a regular. This should only require only a minimum of time per member but should provide us with a very active Fellowship.

As far as meeting go, Members should try to have there voices heard in the meetings either by attending at least one meeting per year, or by leaving a note In the e-mail for anything they want discussed. Minutes for the meetings can be found in the e-mail.

Any members who will not be around for an extended period should let one of the officers know so they are not deleted."
Contact me in the forum or Tyger Lili in game. :)
Come join us!

Designed by Sir Squirrel