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The Knights of Good seeking new members US6


New Member
Do you like to play hard and win? We are a fun and very active fellowship. *Absolutely zero drama group – and enforced*
We are looking for experienced and committed players who love tournaments, spire, and FA’s. Apply if you are interested, we might have room even if we look full as we often have players who are ready to take a break or retire.
We thrive on participation, teamwork, and communication. Members are expected to respond to messages and check chat, especially during events.

Tourney: We are a 10+ chest FS and we require a minimum tournament score of 2000/week. To hit 10 chests, each player must reach 2000 points. Please let our tourney mage ExplorerAngelica know if you will not be able to make this minimum.
Spire: We are a weekly gold FS and each player is encouraged to make it to the top - with High Halls being the minimum. There are many useful rewards throughout the Spire, making it well worth the effort. Please let our Spire mage- Angel Princess Buster - know if you will not be able to reach that requirement.
Fellowship Adventures – We have ranked #1 in these. Play is voluntary, yet STRONGLY encouraged and a great deal of fun – as it is really just a game! If you will be unable to participate, please let Kaladin know in advance.

We ask our fellows to be active daily and trade regularly and fairly. If you need uneven trades, please say so in the chat. Trades are encouraged to help every player.

If you will be gone for more than three days send a message to Shealen, any Mage, or change your city name to “returning: date”

NO disrespectful talk or criticism of others over chat. If anyone has any problems contact one of the mages or the Archmage. We can be chatty, FYI.

Please send a message to Nievelle if you are interested in joining our group. Come join us!

Happy Gaming!