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The Landsraad is recruiting!


New Member
Hello, Sinya Arda!

The Landsraad is looking for a few tournament-focused players to fill the last spots in our FS. We have worked our way to consistently clearing 8 chests, and just recently we have cleared 10 chests. We expect all our members to participate in the weekly tournament and have the following score requirements:
Chapters 1-2: grow your city and do the best you can
Chapters 3-4: 500 points
Chapters 5-6: 750 points
Chapters 7-9: 1000 points
Chapters 10+: 1500 points

We do not require Spire or FA participation, though if you like to participate in those events we clear the Bronze each week in Spire and always clear all three chests in FA's.

We have a balanced economy and aren't picky about what boosted good you bring to the FS, yet our highest demanded goods are currently Planks & Crystals.

Come join our Team!

Updated as of 22 October, 2020
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