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The Misty Mountain Misfits are looking for active, fun players

The Misty Mountain Misfits Is looking for new members to complete our merry band! (Ignore the full status) a couple of our members stopped playing. :(

Our members say the Misfits is the most fun and helpful Fellowship they've belong to. We were founded on having fun helping each other. Most members have been with the Misfits for over 2 years.

We currently seek active players boosted in, steel & crystal with a minimum score of 75,000 points, but any active player is welcome to apply.
  • We are organized, but laid back.
  • Most members are active in FAs and Tournaments. Participation is encouraged, but definitely not mandatory.
  • We have a "goods bank" (me) to provide a steady supply of goods during tourneys and other times of high demand. I try to keep a supply of over 500k of all normal goods and most are in the millions.
All we ask is:
  1. Play Often, Be Friendly, and Have Fun! (It's a game.)
  2. Offer Fair (2 & 3) Star Trades. Cross Tier trades OK. Special deals OK.
  3. Provide Neighborly Help at least 3 times per week
Reply here or message me in Arendyll if interested

Fearless Dingleberry
Camp Counselor and Archmage

Established August 6, 2017
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New Member
I've been with the Misfits since we formed over two years ago. It's a great group of people, well-established, who believe in helping each other grow. We utilize Wonder mail effectively, trade well, and work together in FAs. We generally finish in the top 30 or better in FAs. We like a little chat sometimes but we're also ok with the quieter folks. We have some members who've never posted in chat and others who carry on conversations from time to time. I am in three other fellowships and this is by far the best one I belong to. It is the reason I still play, actually. Come join a group who genuinely wants to see you succeed in building your city. - CountryDew, mage and occasional cat herder


New Member
I'm a new member to the group, but I'm so glad I joined. Everyone has been friendly and helpful. I've never asked for something; goods, advice, or just help in general that hasn't been met. The leadership is wonderful, with several members taking the reins as needed to help each other to meet a common goal. I think anyone coming into this wonderful group could find everything that they're looking for. Come join us and have some fun :) ms freckles


New Member
I’m new, but I love this Game! I’ve only done three or four beginner tournaments and they were very easy. I’m sure it gets more complicated! I don’t know how to trade yet (besides having nothing TO trade...), but I’m awesome at Neighborly Help!!! Well, sort of. I go to the Provinces every day and leave a green check mark on all the places I can. I do it for the stuff I get, but if you tell me how, I’ll do it for what the people in the Fellowship need, too. Anyway, if you decide to take a chance on me, let me know. Sincerely, LoriMaxine
Hi LoriMaxine
I appreciate your interest and enthusiasm, but we're looking for advanced players right now and I can't find your account in Arendyll. I wish you good luck finding a Fellowship that works for you.

Best regards,