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The Orphanage - Come Join Us!


New Member
Are you an orphan (one of the only active members in your fellowship)? Come join us! We all started as orphans too. We're an active fellowship (currently ranked 330) determined to kill it in Tournaments (last week we opened chest 7 and we've been averaging 6 chests), we fully participate in Fellowship Adventures (we ranked 85 in the last one), and we are friendly and drama free.

Bonus points if you're boosted in marble and/or crystal!

Check out our brief track record on ElvenStats (we were established on 11/6/19) and let me know if you have any questions.

To be perfectly transparent here are our expectations and what we offer in return:
- Please check your messages! All critical information will be shared in messages.

- Communicate often! If you are more of a lurker, give us a shout-out occasionally.

- Participate in the weekly tournaments! We have lofty future goals (all 10 chests), and we will only be able to get there with everyone’s help. Do the very best you can. We want to be competitive without being high pressure or stressful. Participation targets: Ch 1-3 (250-700 points), Ch 4-6 (700-1000 points), Ch7+ (1000+ points).

- Please give as much neighborly help as you can. It only takes a moment (plus it feels good).

- We highly encourage the production of ONLY boosted goods (except during Fellowship Adventures). This will maximize your production to the benefit of all of us.

- Trade often and accept what you can. We require fair trades (2-star minimum) unless by prearrangement. Many people see cross-tier trades as detrimental to the fellowship economy. Use your judgment when posting/taking cross-tier trades.

- If you would like to be included in (or excluded from) the AW round-robin let us know. If you are involved, mutual participation is expected.

- We understand that real life happens. Please let us know if you need to take a break and change your city name to include your return date. If ElvenStats shows you as ‘inactive’ without prior notification, we will let you go to make room for active players.

- We will not tolerate any drama, bullying, or harassment. Please always be respectful, assume positive intent, and ask clarifying questions as needed.

In return, we promise you a fun, encouraging, and helpful playing environment with dependable players who will have your back and help you grow your city! If we can ever do anything to help you out, please don’t hesitate to ask.