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There are only 9 possible cities


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So I was looking to round out the boosts in our fellowship, and was figuring out what boosts we are looking for..
I never really thought about it before, but there are only 9 kinds of hexes for boosted goods.

  • If you have marble, you cannot have scrolls or dust
  • If you have steel, you cannot have silk or gems
  • If you have planks, you cannot have crystal or elixir
  • If you have marble and silk you must have gems
  • If you have steel and crystal you must have elixir
  • If you have planks and scrolls you must have dust

So that leaves
  1. plank silk gem
  2. plank silk dust
  3. plank scroll dust
  4. marble crystal elix
  5. marble crystal gem
  6. marble silk gem
  7. steel scroll elix
  8. steel scroll dust
  9. steel crystal elix
Not sure how useful this is, except maybe if you are looking for a specifically boosted player to join your FS, or knowing that during player moves there's a 1:9 chance that a goldmine fits you--but there you have it =)


All you have to be is archmage recruiting to figure this out. Most think boosts are random, but they group. Currently I have one opening for a C/D in my 2nd us3 world, but that is impossible.


  • Every horizontal row is identical, and the pattern repeats each nine sectors.
  • There is a City Row
  • There is a Relics Row
  • There is another Relics Row that is offset by 50%
It is customary to think of the boosted relics as coming from the sectors to your SW, SE, and North, but the North sector and the DOUBLE SE sector are always identical.


Therefore, the pattern in more apparent if you think of it as the TRIPLE that's immediately below your city. SW, SE, double SE.

The pattern, left to right, is:
Gems, Silk, Planks, Magic Dust, Scrolls, Steel, Elixir, Crystal, Marble, repeat Gems, .....

The triples are therefore:
  1. Gems, Silk, Planks
  2. Silk, Planks, Magic Dust
  3. Planks, Magic Dust, Scrolls
  4. Magic Dust, Scrolls, Steel
  5. Scrolls, Steel, Elixir
  6. Steel, Elixir, Crystal
  7. Elixir, Crystal, Marble
  8. Crystal, Marble, Gems
  9. Marble, Gems, Silk
  10. and repeat