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Thoughts on Neighborly Help Preferences


New Member
It's pretty common for players to put their help preferences, like CBM, in their city names, and in general it's very helpful. An issue has come up in one of the fellowships I'm in, where a couple of members said they legitimately don't have a preference and would also prefer not to change their city names. This includes veteran players who would (seemingly!) not be clueless. This is causing a bit of an issue, since it's a rule that has now been made by the Archmage. Is there an argument to be made for the players who don't want to change city names due to a lack of preference?


Well-Known Member
I don't understand why this would be an issue. My group has a mix of people who have identified a preference and people who haven't, and it's never caused an argument.

If the person chooses not to change their name, and is content with whatever help they get, why does that harm or bother anyone else? I could see conflicts if people wouldn't change it and then complained about what they got... but that's not what you're describing.

And mobile- only players simply can't change their city names.


Well-Known Member
Sounds a little micro-managey to me. Rules are important to defind a fs but this one sounds more like a pet peeve run amok. In any case, I can't think of a single argument for forcing a player to change their city name when they have declared not having a preference for the help they get.

I would think this would be the case even more for veterans, actually, since a player's city may grow self sufficient enough to not rely as heavily on the help. And that player has likely been around long enough to form a good number of neighborhood buddies which, combined with fs help, would be more than plenty to cover any needs they would have. If they don't care, why should anyone else?


New Member
I appreciate the feedback. I'm trying to get this general idea across to the Archmage without being too pushy (especially since I'm not personally affected by the rule!), but we recently merged fellowships and I hate seeing how the differences in opinions are causing problems. I feel better about bringing it up to them seeing how all responses so far have been against forcing a city name change on everyone.

Enevhar Aldarion

Well-Known Member
I have been playing for almost 4 years now and I never add any letters to my city name unless I really need something, like I am going on a major upgrade spree, so I will put a B at the end of my city name.

Also, since no one else mentioned it and you may not be aware, but players who only play on the app cannot change their city names. That can only be done with the browser version of the game.


Well-Known Member
If an AM tried to force me to rename Tír na nÓg to some dumbass 3 letter combo I'd find a different FS.
first. i don't think " B Tir na nOg " would be such a big deal

But more importantly
How many people still look?
Now that the easier system is in and you don't actually go to the city do you all still check the names?
I don't
As far as I'm concerned everybody is BCM.
I have yet to receive even one complaint to ignore.

Also @Maavra
I'm betting you are in a fairly young fs
because any AM who's been around a while isn't going to get a bug up his butt over something so stupid
a smart AM will save his threats for things like, a person who never visits, or someone who ignores a minimum tourny point rule, or a jerk who takes a guys sandwich out of the breakroom fridge WHEN I VERY CLEARLY HAD MY NAME ON IT, just as random examples


If ppl wanna get anal about rules that much, then why not have rules that really do maximize the FSs efforts.
I mean come'on, unless you have 25 professional Elvenar players, that will never happen ....

what ever happened to , Join us, have a beer after work and have a few hrs of fun each night & be social ... ?

the perfect FS would run on 8 hr shifts, help would be ... be online 3 times a day , help 8 ppl each time.
have 8 ppl each with apposing boosts... resources would be interpreted as FS goods.... all 4 one, one 4 all.
there would never be less that 3 members on @ any time of the day... ( and anything else along these lines )

Add me to 'da list of ppl that think thats downright sillyness.


Well-Known Member
How many people still look?
Now that the easier system is in and you don't actually go to the city do you all still check the names?
I don't
I thijnk lots of us do. You no longer have to have to visit to check the name, on either mobile or browser. Not giving what they ask for almost requires more effort than checking now, unless you're trying to do your 25 help in under a minute. I still make mistakes when I'm rushing, but it takes maybe 1 second longer to check than not check now. Not checking at all seems to say "Even in exchange for the goodies I'm getting, you aren't worth one extra second of my time."


Well-Known Member
Um, I had an AM who did exactly that!
I noticed the "had" right away.
or a jerk who takes a guys sandwich out of the breakroom fridge WHEN I VERY CLEARLY HAD MY NAME ON IT, just as random examples
uhhhh sandwch?? you mean like 2 peices of bread with good stuff inside??? what name??
This is a fun thread!
Dump the dictating AM


Well-Known Member
The greatest thing is that in this game it neither matters that the AM has his/her rules or doesn't. ALL the players can find homes as there are always fs's seeking members. Sorting out and finding a home in which you are comfortable is pretty easy. I got lucky and hit it the first time. If an AM wants to dictate everything and he/she can find players willing to take orders to that degree more power to them. AM style of management is not dictated by the game. So let's not be too hard on an AM who "micro-manages" because that too is a personal preference, not an immoral choice.

In addition, I do inspect my players cities. I have a whole ss which analyzes where they are "out of sync" with "successful" cities based upon all the statistics you can glean. I even "rework" their cities in elvenarchitect on occasion to demonstrate how city layout can be improved. Newer and even players who have been here a while, sometimes don't always know everything. I then send them the link, but I don't require or even go back to "re-inspect" since I've given them a choice and if they take it, great! If not then there's probably something I missed about their playing style/preferences or strategy. That's my style. The coolest thing about it is that I've never had, to my knowledge, anybody get upset about my suggestions. Now if I made them requirements I think I'd be a fs of 1 pretty soon.

Finally, I wouldn't spend 1 second trying to "correct" the AM but if I did it would be in a private and quiet msg. If the AM didn't listen to my "calm and helpful" suggestions I'd just go to a different fs. In the end if the AM's style of management doesn't suit you, you can leave. If it does then no style is out of bounds.