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Time instants using 2 per click instead of 1...

A few days ago, during the Halloween event, I noticed there was a glitch after I clicked a single time on my 5-hr time instant, of which I had 2 available. At that time, my 5-hr time instant went gray & the screen froze after I clicked to use 1 time instant. I had to reload the game & upon reload, all of those instants were used. This has happened a few times yesterday with the 1hr & 2hr time instants as well.

To prove what I’ve tried to explain, I used 1-7minute instant (I had 11) & the screen went gray again. I took a screenshot though & when I checked my instants again, I only had 9-7 minute instants left. The building I used it on only had 3.26 minutes left, so clicking once should have only used 1 instant & not more. My screenshots show that each instant that is clicked on is actually deducting 2, instead of 1 per click.

I have already submitted this as a ticket, but the first response from Inno was to explain how time instants work (i.e.- Please check that your computer is plugged in & that your monitor is turned on...)

Please see screenshots below.

Screenshot 2018-11-10_Error_sm.png
Screenshot 2018-11-10_Error_2_sm.png