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Time to say goodbye

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Platinum Leaf -FB

Platinum Leaf US2 came third in the FA - nice work everyone! Sadly that will be my last Elvenar event ever; I have decided with regret that it is time to leave all aspects of the game and return to real life and start to earn an income. Many people have made generous donations over the last year to help cover expenses, but sadly I am still struggling financially, living on a modest fixed income. Also I have started walking 10 km every day and growing healthier, and have lost 30 kg (70 pounds) in the process, and am struggling to find the time; constantly rushing to switch between real life and Elvenar world; it is getting too stressful - so sadly I must say goodbye; I plan to record the Winter Event Note, and once it is over on 11th December, I will leave you all.
Elvenar has been immensely good to me; running the two fellowships and the Facebook group gave me the self-confidence I needed to stop drinking like a fish and smoking like a chimney, and for that I am most grateful and proud of the opportunity to have served you all.
Thank you for being with me on this wonderful journey! I have made great friends and met wonderful people, and it is extremely sad to say goodbye…


Now we have the problem of who will run each of the two groups in US2 and Beta, and take over the Facebook Group once I am gone. These three were founded in order to create an ethical, fun playing environment for the serious player, without using stolen game information or cheating; without bullying or bossiness; free of drama and conflict, and keeping things as simple as possible without all kinds of bells and whistles and unnecessary rules.
If you feel you can maintain those standards without turning my beloved groups into something I would not be proud of, please send me a private message.
No one has expressed interest in taking over the leadership role in-group, so I will have to advertise outside. I am definitely leaving the game after 11th Dec. I am not going to hand over my precious group to any old Tom Dick or Harry; applicants will be 'interviewed' online to find the right person who will continue what I started along similar lines.
Would anyone be interested in the job?


Thank you for everything you have done for us all. You are amazing. I hope you find the right person to take over your awesome groups. I understand needing to step away to focus more on real life as I know this game is super addictive (which is why I'm not saying, "oh well why don't you just join a less active fs?"). I wish you the very best in life! Obviously hope to see you in the future on here maybe to just chat or something. Good job on everything you have done! I know you will be proud of yourself! We will def miss you!


Active Member

Jackluyt, i am sad to see you leave, because you and your fellowship do an excellent job on the fellowship adventure info. It is top notch! And very helpful! You are awesome!

I needed to stop drinking like a fish and smoking like a chimney,
I am happy that you are polluting yourself less and getting healthier, by walking, eating better and please drink plenty of filtered water. The real world is more important than any fantasy world is, so do what you need, focus on what you want and may you have the best of luck in your future endeavors!

I will remember you,
Peace be with you


New Member
Jack, I have really appreciated all your help and advice in this game. I will truly miss you, but I certainly understand and wish for you all the good things that life can offer. So happy that you are doing well and getting super healthy!!! I have considered stepping away from the game at times myself since it sometimes becomes really difficult to balance playing the game with real life. May the road rise to meet you and may the wind be always at your back, my friend.

All the Best,
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