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"To boldly go where no [fellowship] has gone before"


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We are Starship Valiant. We are exploring the realm of the "10 Chest per Week" fellowships and have managed to raise our average from 4 to over 8 on average. We have 2 openings and with 2 more Tournament savvy players we can, and will, reach our goal of doing 10 chests every week.

Want an adventure? Want a fully active fellowship? Want to get 10 Chests AND finish in the top 20 in every Fellowship Adventure? Want to have fun?! Take a look, and send ajqtrz a request. Our minimums are: 20,000 pts, 800 tournament pts per week (averaged over 4 weeks and you have up to 8 weeks to get to that average), and 3.5 fellowship visits per week. If you can meet these, you can be Starfleet material on Starship Valiant!

Captain AJ (ajqtrz on Khelonaar


New Member
If I am a chapter four player am I welcome and if not do you have a second fellowship with active players.