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Tomb of secrets and other wonders


Oh Wise One
@Skyking22141 You have to apply a certain number of knowledge points to an ancient wonder in order to upgrade it. The exact number of knowledge required will depend on which AW it is and what level it is. There are 3 different ways to do this: 1. Use real knowledge points. These are the same knowledge points you use to unlock tech advances. They can be used for either purpose. 2. Use an AW knowledge point spell. You win these weekly in the tournament. It is also possible to get them from events, certain buildings, or as rewards for helping other players with their ancient wonders. These will work on any ancient wonder but will not work for tech advances. 3. You can use an AW rune shard. If you use one of these on your own AW a rune shard is worth 10 points. If you use them on another player's ancient wonder they are worth 15 points.

You might also notice in the research section of your ancient wonder that there are reward chests available. You are NOT eligible for reward chests on your own AW. But you are eligible for reward chests on other player's AWs. Because of this many fellowships will try to set up exchange threads so players can swap points on their AWs on an equal basis and claim these reward chests.