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Tome for spire rewards


Well-Known Member
As you know elvenar offers two play styles; catering and fighting and both types receive rewards when participating in Spire. However, some spire rewards are of no use to caterers such as Dwarven armorer.
Spire rewards also offer specific artifacts that some times you wished to have a different one that fit your needs better like the regular bear and the moon bear artifacts etc...

I suggest to include the tome feature in spier rewards for the above type of rewards so players can choose the reward that fits best to their gaming style, just like the tome feature for some event rewards.

Pros: This feature will make rewards distribution fair to every play style.

Cons: It requires modifications to the Spire code.


Chef, Scroll-Keeper, and Buddy Fan Club Member
That would be excellent! Choice is good. My Dwarven armorers all get quite disenchanted as it is.
While I can understand wanting to cater everything, I think you'll be sorry, one day, that you disenchanted so many Dwarven armorers. In higher chapters, there are times when you have to fight. I do both catering and fighting ... I cater when I can and fight when I must. There are times when you must (unless you don't mind losing all your goods and starting from scratch to build again.)

As far as the OPs idea goes, I would love to have a choice. I don't think they'd ever do it, but it would be nice if they did.

David Dragonsage

Well-Known Member
I appreciate your concern, but no, I play the game with no regrets! For me, its more fun that way. And there will more armorers - and lots of other buildings - coming down the pipe. And they'll be Chapter appropriate too. :)

I would not rule out using Dwarven Armorers in the future, but if so I will start to keep them. As it is, I seem to have between 1 and 5 in inventory at any given time. But at this point in Chapter 12, I have never actually used any of them. I'm not too keen on deploying a building that only lasts 5 days. I guess I fight when it seems efficient but cater otherwise. Anyway - different playing styles as Raccon mentioned.

But having a meaningful choice about receiving Dwarven Armorers in the spire would be so much better than disenchanting them later.


New Member
Raccon has made an excellent suggestion and I would like to add to it.

Instead of the final boss of the Spire awarding a random item, allow the player to pick ONE of 3 to 5 Tomes:

Tome of Evolution: Pick one of 5 randomly generated Evolving Artifacts that differ each week
Tome of Runes: Pick one of 5 randomly generated Ancient Wonder Runes, with 2 of the 5 weighted to the player's current chapter
Tome of the Spire: Upon opening, randomly awards one of the 5 current items, replacing the Evolving Artifact with the Dwarven Armorer
Tome of ??: other player/dev generated ideas
Tome of ??: other player/dev generated ideas

This is a much better solution to offering the Evolving Artifacts instead of scheduled rotations of only one Artifact type. As more event buildings are added, it will be years before the Artifacts a player desires come back into rotation, which will frustrate them.

More players will be motivated to complete the Spire because they can choose a reward, instead of it always being random like the other Spire bosses.

For the players that like the current final boss prizes, nothing changes as they can always choose the "Tome of the Spire" for the same items and percentage drops.


Chef - loquacious Old Dog
That would be excellent! Choice is good. My Dwarven armorers all get quite disenchanted as it is.
Does that mean you don't fight anywhere? I use them in the tournament and seldom have enough. I cater the Spire and encounters, and fight in the tournament. So I wouldn't be for reducing the number of DA's offered or lowering the chances of getting one. I have no objection to the suggestion other than that.


David Dragonsage

Well-Known Member
I prefer catering, but will fight the easier provincial encounters and tournament levels. The OPs suggestion was to allow choice in selecting some of the Spire rewards, so it should not affect those who prefer fighting to catering.


I would favor replacing the dwarven armorer spire prize with a tome of combat (pick between dwarven armorer, or unit damage boost building Mage, Archer, Light Melee, Heavy Melee, Heavy Range).

I would favor replacing the evolve token spire prize with a tome of Evolution (pick between all past evolve tokens)

I would favor replacing the Portal Profit slot with a Tome of Efficiency (pick between portal profit, time skip, gold instant, tool instant. And make the minimum at least 50% or 5x 8hr skips... it is ridiculous that a top boss is worth a 10% portal profit...)