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Top 10 FA's 11 chests, Silver Spire and moving up 2 Openings


Well-Known Member
Khelonaar players looking for a steady, calm and growing fellowship need to read this. Starship Valiant- has 2 openings and, as you can is doing quite well. We are improving our Spire score and headed for the Gold standard, as well as our tournament score to get tot he 12 (and beyond) chest. We do 4 FA's a year with the intent of getting into the top 10 (5th, 5th and 6th, the last three we did with this intention), -- with the other 2 just to go through for the prizes.

We need silk, marble and/or elixer and players willing and able to do 1200 average tournament scores, 2+ complete Spire (and working on getting to the top every week), 5 visits a week, and 100k scores or above.

If you want to grow with us and have a fun and steady environment in doing so, let me know here or on Khelonaar.

AJ (ajqtrz) Starship Valiant-