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Tournament Rewards

Katiana Elroden

New Member
We are having a discussion in my fellowship about the tournament chests. Does a participant only get the rewards for the chest(s) they actually score points for or do they get all of the tournament rewards at the end if they only did one province in the entire tournament? Appreciate any feedback. Thank you


Well-Known Member
@Henroo I don't think so. It's not something I've needed to know for a long time, but I think any points get you in.

From the wiki:
"All Tournament Points gathered in Provinces, by you and your fellows, are combined! At each checkpoint you reach, you open a Chest and more rewards you and your fellows will get at the end of the Tournament! As you progress through the Chests you will even get Royal Restoration Spells, which are useful for upgrading Building Sets and Event Buildings and a Blueprint for the final chest, which is very useful to upgrade your Magic Residences and Magic Workshops.

Remember: You have to earn at least 1 Tournament Point to get any rewards from the Tournament!"

That doesn't explicitly say 1 point gets you everything... but I think that's the intent.


Well-Known Member
Ok, thanks for the information. I have been telling the brand new members of my fellowship incorrect information for some time. :(


Well-Known Member
Elvenar Wikipedia claims that there are 4 tournament points per Providence you are required to have at least 1 point to share in Fellowship rewards. When the update 1.110 occurs, there will be only 1 encounter per Providence so this discussion will be meaningless at that time.


Well-Known Member
@Kekune Unless they changed it fairly recently, wiki is incorrect. I tested it a month or 2 back to see if it was still the same as originally implemented and it was. You must complete 1 province.
Thanks Mykan. I thought I must have been crazy because I had always believed it was one province. One point just doesn't sound right to me.