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Was there a change made so rewards are inconsistent across chapters or worlds/servers or is this a bug?

Today i noticed a change in the tournaments. I just completed my third round through two tournaments in two different worlds. In one I am now post Orcs, Chapter 8 and the other early into Chapter 5.

Now in the first 3 tournaments in the Orc one the reward was 1 Shard then the next 2, 4 KP and 4 Relics as in the past. But in the tournament were I am smaller, the rewards were ; 1 shard, 1, shard and 1 shard. Now this was most unexpected.

PS sorry Misspelled the Title and cant edit it. if a mod could, thanks
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I have 3 tournaments that are in the third round and I am in the Orc chapter. My rewards are 1 Rune for the first tourney and 4 KP/4 Relics for both of the other tourneys. I do not have an active city on any other world. So at least our rewards are consistent. Need more people from earlier ages that has 3 tournaments in the third round to get more data.