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Tourney question

Enevhar Aldarion

Well-Known Member
Yes, the tournament every week starts Tuesday at 1PM Eastern/10AM Pacific and ends Saturday at 4PM Eastern/1PM Pacific. Also, it does shift by an hour when Daylight Savings ends, unless you are in a state that does not observe the time change.


Well-Known Member
On the tournament page there is also a countdown clock that will tell you how many days/hours are left in the tournament.


When i finish 6 rounds of a province, it says "Congratulations. You have finished a level of the tournament! By doing so you also unlocked an additional tournament for another province!"
However i dont see any new provinces or tournaments available. Will they appear later?


Well-Known Member
And the number of provinces you have in the tournament are the same as the number you have cleared on the world map. So, if you want more tourney provinces, you first need to scout and clear another province of that relic type (planks, crystal, gems, etc.)


Well-Known Member
Are you referring to the box that appeared at the end saying you have opened another round? That showed the prizes for the previous round? Yes, that is an error/bug.