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Trade dilemma


why do when I read a lot of fellowship overviews they have strict rules on trading???? Isn't the reality that the only people affected by a trade are the two people involved in it? Thoughts???


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Personally I don't care. I turn on the Fellowship filter once or twice a day and clean out the trader of all FS trades, no matter what. However I am just power clicking through everything, regardless of what it is. If somebody is being more selective, they might not want to see cross-tier trades or uneven trades when they filter things to only see trades from the fellowship. The easy way to prevent this is for the fellowship to ban such trades.


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I can only answer for the FS I'm in that has restrictive trading rules. I am not the AM there, but one of the reasons I joined was their 'no cross trades' rule.
I prefer to build my city and run my trading around balanced goods within tiers. Since the game demands overall on Tier 1 goods is higher than that of Tier 3 goods that means I build fewer T3 factories and trade fewer T3 goods. That's much harder to do with cross trades, so I stick to same tier trades. While my first city is in an FS that allows cross trades, I looked for one for my 2nd city that did not. I wanted to see what it was like to play with players who used my same approach.
Since that FS has been around for forever, there's been a tradition of large cities sweeping the trader of all FS trades daily. There was never an issue with trades being taken. As I've grown there, it's definitely easier to take trades if you sort for 'FS only' and are guaranteed all trades will be 2* same tier trades. Many times, you can just click on them all without checking anything and remain fairly balanced regardless of your boosts.
It's fine in my other city (where I am AM) that allows cross trades, but I expect to work harder in that city anyway lol!
The 2nd one was built after a year of playing the 1st one, so I made fewer newbie errors and designed it to be a place I can pop in easily and just play. It's a Gold Spire and 13chest/week FS, so it's not like there's nothing to do over there, lol! I just don't have to balance out my unbalanced within tier goods while I'm there. It's more time to devote to the things I find fun in the game.


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A lot of people expect their fellowship mates to pick up whatever they want to put up, no matter what, over and over and over, day after day after day. Joining one with rules is nice. It means no one expects me to break my city just because someone else feels entitled to my goods, over and over and.....


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I think it also goes back to when cross-tier trades were calculated differently in the past as to what constituted a 2-star trade. They didn't favor the receiver who took the trades. Back to what everyone else was saying, if fellows were expected to pick up group trades, then you're making your teammates take your trades at a loss. Fellowship rules on trading kept those trades out. They have since changed the ratio of what constitutes a 2-star trade on cross tier goods so it's less uneven now, but a lot of older FS have that rule still in place.


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They have since changed the ratio of what constitutes a 2-star trade on cross tier goods so it's less uneven now, but a lot of older FS have that rule still in place.
Still bad ratio though. As I showed in another thread, You should actually get 2 planks for a gem, the opposite of what the trader suggests.
So, yeah it's better than the old 16:1 nonsense, but still terrible. (hence why 99.x% of cross trades are "downstream" where players are asking for T1)
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