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In the end, the problem can be seen as a restrictive social conditions, and untrained or poorly trained trader base. Instead of trading based upon supply/demand, they rely on the star system. And as long as larger players, like myself, keep taking the gems for scrolls type 2 star trades it's probably going to stay that way. If all were to abandon the star system and trade based upon supply/demand the markets would be more volatile, but also more responsive to changing conditions. Which would mean "corrections" in supply/demand would take a lot less time to arrive.

Just my thoughts.

No. If players can't change their boosted good then the market is a controlled market and not a free market. Supply & demand requires a free market where ppl can capitalise on shortages. As far as I no ppl can't choose to move or change their boosted goods.


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No. If players can't change their boosted good then the market is a controlled market and not a free market. Supply & demand requires a free market where ppl can capitalise on shortages. As far as I no ppl can't choose to move or change their boosted goods.
@Lelanya and #Sir Squirrel If you don't like the bear don't read his posts. The bear can't make you engage and doesn't wish to do so if you don't want to discuss the issue.

@Quixotique While at first glance it may seem the restriction on which things you can produce restricts and makes the market less than free, but you would have to say no markets are completely free for that reason. After all, if the price of apples soars and I want to grow apples, if, in my climate apples can't grow, well, that means I'm limited. Ditto with oil, wheat, soy beans, iron ore, and so on. Everyone is limited to producing what it there and can be grown and short of a war they can't easily move. Yet, while this does restrict the markets to what ever can be produced there are still a lot of places where most things can grow/be found. So the idea that the market is not free isn't really applicable when it comes to production abilities, in this game any more than it is in the real world.

What restricts most markets, and sometimes necessarily so, are taxes and rules. Rules restrict either production or flow. Rules stating how many radio stations a company can own, for instance, insure competition of ideas in a market (or are supposed to do that, anyway). Rules saying you must trade X for Y or Z only, restrict the ability of goods to flow to those who only have A, B, C, D, E, F with which to trade, or even have an abundance of those for whatever reason. This type of rule slows trades and slowing trades lowers efficiency. Price controls do the same thing and we've seen many instances where a price control has hurt economies. Gold, oil, and the price controls under the Nixon administration were failures in the long run and hurt many people's ability to function.

In the end the markets in this game are not game markets, they are structures in which people play at trading. They are people markets as the people are the ones trading for the most part. And since it's people playing they will use these markets in many and most of the ways they use real markets. They will buy and sell according to what they desire and think reasonable under their immediate circumstances and will take into account any intangible values they may have in making the trade.

If anything is unnecessarily restrictive in trading here, it is the restrictions imposed upon players, and the training they get telling them they must obey those restrictions. Even though the game offers a more robust (and fun in my book) trading environment, many condemn players who don't follow the player enforced rules of no cross tier trading and no trading below 2 stars unless you get permission. Enforcing the use of the star system restricts the market adjustments necessary to keep things balanced. Enforcing rules against cross-tier trades restricts the range of trades that can be made. So it's the range of valuation and the range of goods you are able to offer that makes the trader truely artificial and somewhat inefficient.

I do hope this clarifies what I mean by a more free market. I know I've spoken many, many places about this and some people are rather bored/tired of hearing it, but when a rule is not challenged to prove itself worthy of being obeyed, that rule becomes the norm. Unfortunately, in my book, the rules against less than 2 star trades and no cross tier trading should have been challenged a long, long time ago.



Chef - loquacious one
But it has been discussed over and over again and you have got a few warnings over this discussion if I am not mistaken.
I'm not sure what you mean by "warnings." Or if you are even speaking to me. But, if you are, no "warnings" over the discussion of this matter have been issued by the moderators regarding this issue that I can remember. I have, of course, had some negative feedback from other forum members, but since they don't wish to dispute/refute my point of view, -- for whatever reason -- I take them in stride. And since I generally only address the issue as it comes up with new or at least newer players. It's not like I'm harping on it all the time. As I've just said, I address it when it comes up. Sadly, it comes up a lot more often than necessary as too many players, in my opinion, are "leaned upon" to follow the player initiated rules or be branded in some way.. In any case, I do think my responses are appropriate given the subject is brought up by other players.


Sir Squirrel

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I do enjoy reading most of your ideas on most post AJ, but I just can't understand your fixation on this subject and won't be reading them anymore, Sorry. This subject has been beaten to death. The dev's are not going to change the star system as they believe it is working just fine, but go ahead write 3 or 4 more pages about how we all are being led astray by using it. I am sure someone will read it!!
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Unfortunately my trader is full of all types of trades looking for crystals, I have decent to build a factory for crystals and upgrade them as much as I can . Everyone is looking for them in my us server Khelonaar .
I think my gaming will be better enjoyable rather than frustration, my trader is up to almost 1million in coin for trades cost . And at that price point my days will be filled with collections rather than enjoyable game play.
Hi! I am having a similar issue (Khelonaar) but in my case appears to be a surplus of Gems in my World. Crystals and Scrolls are in huge demand but apparently they are scarce. I'm a free-to-play player too.


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@FAR2019 .. My first and biggest city is in Khel. T3 goods in general are plentiful it seems ... my trader is full of those sorts of trades as well... I don't think I've seen you in there, so you must be pretty far from me, cuz I've never visited you either and I visit my entire discovered at least once a week. Because no one wants my gems, I have cut down to one factory, but I am planning to amp up my silk production. I have already done that for planks, although no one seems in a big hurry to post for them, but I have not experienced a problem with the trades being picked up. Of course, I post two and three star trades, so that might also explain it. If you were in my trader I could help you out with what you need.