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I agree @crackie. I have a fully evolved Fire Chicken in Khel and I LOVE IT. It has greatly increased my ability to win a fight. In response to my issues with getting the trades for what I need, I have added more of the T1 and 2s. And I have also ramped up my trading. I think as well as the neighborhood production, you also have to look at the trading practices of the fellowship you are in. I am currently weighing the benefits of moving fellowships in a world because of the trade issues I've had. I have noticed that some people just don't post trades and I don't really understand it. I guess they take them... but they don't post. I post post post and take take take. Like you said, it's playing style so all I can do, because I don't have time to really analyze my neighbors, is to encourage trading by trading and by talking it up in my fellowships.


Oh Wise One
Yeah that was my bad. I apologize for that

I have to say, when I read your relatively mild rebuke I was surprised. For you that was like some of the rest of us doing a full page rant. :)

The only thing that would surprise me more would be to see Shimmer swear at somebody.
( And really. Can you imagine Shimmer calling someone anything worse than a "doo doo head"? )
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