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Trading - Allow player to set number of offers

Adain Dywyll

New Member
I would like to see an addition to the trading process that would allow you the set "Your Offer - Your Want" and then choose how many of these offers to post.
I.E. Offer 10k Marble for 10k Plank and post it 12 times
BENEFIT: Many people hate to post trades because it takes too long to select, confirm, select, confirm, select, confirm ....... In my two worlds (I know.. slacker!!) there are never any Basic Goods trades, and few if any Sentient Goods trades which I am sure inhibits the early game players.
The addition of this would definitely enhance game play

Thank You


Oh Wise One
I would have to say...not a fan here either. I can see way too many using that to flood the trader with stuff...just because.


Well-Known Member
If you switch back and forth between mobile and PC, place your trades on mobile. No confirm there when you place trades. @Alram, maybe mobile is what is "helping" players spam your trader. :(


Well-Known Member
I would also vote no. The absence of trades in the trader in an otherwise active area just means they all got picked up, it is a good thing. Posting 60 small basic goods trades will only help the few early game players who have discovered you, the rest would have to pay a trader fee. Trader fees help no one.


Well-Known Member
I would also vote no, if a player wants to post 60 trades,
I say let them work for it with a few xtra clicks. Now I'd
vote yes for a "delete all" option, for when I want to put
up a new batch of offers..... lol


Scroll-Keeper, Keys to the Gems
Sorry but I agree with the others, no from me. I have small neighbors who don't get what they likely need, because I will only click accept 4 to 6 without getting seriously bored and wander off to post my own. We're up to 500k these days, just saying, I've some endgame players posting 1M at a time.

Sir Squirrel

Artist EXTRAORDINAIRE and Buddy Fan Club member
Yeah, sorry I agree with others here and think players should just post higher amount trades then a bunch of smaller ones trades as well. It is way more clicks for the taker if they are taking 60 small trades as apposed to 4 or 5 larger trades.