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Trading Bulk Goods Safely


Since this has come up several times recently I'm detailing how you can move Tier one goods with minimal risk of outside unintended traders closing your needed trades. In all examples I need planks and You need Marble

  1. If you want to leave goods out for a neighbor in a helpful but not critical trade just lower the star rating by
asking for 5 more goods than offering

I Offer 995 Marble : 1000 planks
and notify your fellowship not to bother with those. This will sit untaken by neighbors in most cases.

2. If it's a critical need of Tier One goods use Tier Three goods as a marker at max allowable ratio 1:64​

My posted trade for you: 1000 Dust : 64000 Planks
Your posted trade for me: 1000 Dust : 64,000 Marble

No Tier one goods get posted so there's no risk of losing them.
If anyone else closes the trade it's a bonus for you and you can just repost the same trade for your intended receiver. Both sides come out with their 1,000 dust while the 64,000 planks/marble get moved but never offered.
If trading through a particular member that will trade a neighbor or go out on a trading mission with another fellowship you can "load them up" through method 2.
  • The traveling member posts as many trades as needed at 1:64
  • 100 dust:6400 marble posted x number of times to gather marble
  • Interested members close these trades (investors)
  • trader leaves fellowship to join the trading fellowship and trades accrued marble for planks
  • upon return to original fellowship, invested members post 100 dust :6400 planks which are closed by traveling member
In the end members wind up getting 1:1 on tier one goods and the dust evens out. Again no tier one goods get offered so no risk of loss. This method requires a trusted member obviously.