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New Member
For certain players that won't be named, it would be great if you could temporarily ban (a week at a time?) specific players from both having their bad trades show in your trader and keep them from seeing/taking your trades.


Chef - loquacious Old Dog
That would take a lot of coding I would think. And of course, "bad" trades are relative to what you might think bad and I might think bad. Perhaps a better option would just be to allow you to set some parameters....like nothing below 2 star trades, for instance. A simple check box, or something in the setup of the game where you choose to turn on or turn of the levels of trades you don't want to see. That way those who did want to see them, could.

I do know the frustration of those kinds of trades though.



Well-Known Member
I don't understand the problem. If you don't like their trade, ignore it. They accept yours, why is that bad? What am I missing?


Active Member
I don't understand the problem. If you don't like their trade, ignore it. They accept yours, why is that bad? What am I missing?

Presumably players post good trades to help out their neighborhood, not to make it easier for leeches to make a profit.


Chef - loquacious Old Dog
"Ignore the problem" is a difficult concept for humans once they have become aware of the problem. It's a process. First you try to ignore it, then you try to fix it, then you begrudgingly accept it, and finally, you find it strangely okay. At least that's what I found out when I got married.

It took me year and even decades adjust to some of my spouse's strange habits. Like her compulsion to wash the kitchen counter when she gets home...even before she puts her purse down or taken off her coat, and even if it was just washed 5 minutes ago! At first I ignored it. And ignored it. And ignored it. Then I tried to "fix" it. I told her I felt it was a comment on my "kitchen counter washing" abilities and that it irritated me to no end. We actually argued over it. More than once. Sigh. Eventually though, I learned it was a ritual to her. Come home, go to the kitchen, refill her water bottle, wipe the counter, then put her purse down and take her coat off. It was a ritual, a compulsion, an enactment of "I'm home!"

Our souls are uniquely shaped and the odd shapes mean we have some rough edges. Nothing untoward, nothing selfish, nothing insensitive need be declared about us because we have those sharp edges. They are, in many ways, what make us, us. Maybe it's how we are wired, maybe it's our early training. Often it's just part of our daily ritual. How we get through our day. And in the end, those who care about us the most are the ones who are willing to go through the process of ignoring, fighting, accepting and eventually even appreciating all those sharp edges.

So maybe you can just say to yourself, "it's just the player getting through the day the best they can," and let it go at that. In other words, put the best face you can imagine on the face of it and carry on. Eventually you'll find that you won't even notice it because you've disarmed the negativity of it by giving yourself a way to understand it that doesn't make it personal, mean, or otherwise motivated by bad karma.

Just some advice.


Sir Mackintosh

Active Member
My suggestion would be if it bothers you about one star trades just ignore it and go for either a 2 or 3 star trade but sometimes it helpful to take a one star trade. I look at it this way it could help both you and whoever has a one star trade but that's just my opinion on the matter
It's basically you're choice whether you accept it or not
In my fellowship I don't discourage my team from taking one star trades for example if either one of us doesn't have the resources to trade and another player does well either my team takes it or I will just to help out that player and in return that player will more than likely help you
Just think about it