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Training ground and mercenary camp

Risen Malchiah

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Indeed, upgrade the residences. Elvenarchitect shows you have lots of open space in random places. In particular, the entire edge between your Maze & Bulwark has 32 individual squares which is a lot when added together. That's a perfect place to put the residences since they change shape and will already fit in that space, so it won't require moving too much.

Here's a quick example. I didn't rearrange the entire city. Just upgraded 12 residences by one level, swapped their locations with your 4x4 event buildings and grouped the festival merchants together in one place. Continue that process with the rest of your city and you're good to go.

After all that, you may find you don't need that many residences and can teleport out a few for a later decision, which will free up a ton more space.


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Well, I at least went from 4 to 2 T6 factories, and added more T1 factories instead.