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Transfering badges


New Member
Ability to transfer badges to Fellowship Mages for placement or use on the map and pit during Fellowship Adventures.
Reason: not all members are in the same time zones or have same schedule for playing. To maximize the badges created usefulness.
Example: I completed the work on 3 badges, however they are not needed until later, I could send them to a mage who will be on during that time, could then place the badges for me.
Pro: greater scores would be possible and less wasted badges.
Con: member who made the badge will not be credited for it when placed.
Here is a slight modification on your idea that eliminates your Con: Don't lock the future nodes.

Allow people to place badges anywhere in a line. You can't pull the flag unless at least one path has been fully completed. I'd even be OK with nodes not counting unless the previous node had been completed. But if would solve the problem of people who access the game at odd times or for only a short period each day being able to contribute. That is one of the biggest problems I have with getting people to participate - it is so much work for the people who don't stay logged in all the time to find a node to contribute to that they get discouraged and don't want to participate.