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Forum Trash Bin Tab


Well-Known Member
New players need the confirmation window on their buildings.
Perhaps you could toggle it on/off, or it would be for lvl1 buildings while you're in ch 1, or something. Level 1 buildings are only "permanent" for like your first 10 minutes in the game, right? They usually get leveled at least to lvl2 really, really fast.


Well-Known Member
I do agree that if the storage time is too long a trash can would be used as in place of a teleport spell. So, as another poster said, make it short enough to not be useful for that. 5 minutes would be reasonable and hardly usable for more than minor movements. And I could see somebody putting their building into the trash to make room to move things around, then forgetting they had only 5 minutes though. So the trash can has a countdown before the "garbage" is collected. That would teach them the purpose of the trash can, of course.



Active Member
simple make it 10-20 seconds then you can get your building back but theres no possible way to abuse it.


Active Member
The other day I had a quest to gain 1000 spell fragments as part of the current event. So of course I went to the MA to disenchant some buildings. While there, I noticed I hadn't placed the Ashen Phoenix. So I went to place it, but deleted it instead! I guess that city won't have one until it becomes craftable; haha! :p
I feel for ya Marilyn*43,
I must have deleted more than 30 buildings of high rank or importance in the past two years. All by not watching what I was doing, when I thought I was. Last week I managed a double doh! A level 23 Elixor and my prized level 8 Owl disappeared from my city when I nodded off. Sure my face was on the keyboard, but can I really do that much damage whilst sleeping. I must be very talented.