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Traveling Merchant 1


How can I get the Traveling Merchant 1? My first city has the Traveling Merchant 1 and I can’t remember how I got it! Idesperately need it in my second, newer city and so do many others in my fellowship right now, because we only have 2 people boosted in wood and the fellowship is trying to get to where we each only produce our boosted goods. I’ve managed to craft TM2 and I know you can craft TM3, just can’t remember how I got TM1....
Thanks! :)

Enevhar Aldarion

Oh Wise One
Depending on how old your first city is, you might have gotten it as a prize in an event. They are not given out any more, but you can now craft all three Merchants, plus a fourth one that generates Seeds. You will just have to watch your crafting options in the Magic Academy until one you want shows up.


Thank you Evehnar & Beatleguise.. I guessI just have to be patient..never EVER, EVER one of my good qualities!!

I‘ve always been the kid, “I don’t wanna wait! I want it NOW Mommy!” :)

hhhmmmm, think that’ll work?? I don’t wanna wait for a Traveling Merchant, I want one NOW Elvenar!!