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Tuatha Dé Mór-Ríoghain Looking for 2 or 3


New Member
Top 15 fellowship looking for higher level players.

We’ve recently had a two-city player hacked and need to replace both cities, so we’re looking for some new high-level players.

800k+ points with a strong showing in tournaments and spires is what we’re looking for.

We have the usual KP threads, active players, and chat that’s hopping. Our AM is generous and we work on FS adventures together.

We’re currently sitting at Number 15 on the server and would like to challenge for Top 10 and Top 5. 10 chests weekly, gold spire will be happening again more often with your help.

Contact our AM, Black watch, or myself.


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New Member
Still looking folks. I know there are some fantastic people looking for a great home. Join us. ⚔️


New Member
I think most people know the term ‘hacked.’ I don’t know how they did it, if it was a family member or someone familiar who got hold of a device, or whatever. The engaging FS member we knew stopped being communicative, participate in tournies, spire, KP exchanges, chat or private messages, although they did continue to play.

Does that answer you? Are you interested in joining us?