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To People who play this game beware. These people who have made this game has made changes as we went along and has had so called "glitches". Each time they change the game makes it harder to move up in the game and each "glitch" takes away our points. I logged into this game because it was theraputic for me and kept my mind challenged. Now after the last "glitch", losing several hundred points and being knocked down from 6th place to 8th place in my member group, I feel upset and depressed. I have used alot of money, time, and effort into this game and was succeeding in this game.
This is an analogy that I feel that best describes this game to me; A surgeon calls his patient into his office and says to him This atificial heart that I put in is working too well. I need to replace it with a more vulnurable one so you can have two choices. Either you can spend more time, effort, and money to stay alive or you can give up, wither, and die.
I have chatted with them about this and they evidently do not understand what they are doing to people. So when you play this game do not put too much into this game or you will be lost and swept under the rug so to speek. Again this is how I feel. I have been on this game almost 24/7 for a long time and have been disappointed in this game. This game was meant to be fun and challenging but it can also challenge you mentally if you let it. So please be careful when playing this game. This is one man's opinion do not let this keep you from playing the game. I only hope this helps others when playing this game. Use your judgement well. God be with you.