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Two Suggestions

Deacon Frag

New Member
We decided to rename our Fellowship...the original name was a little weak :confused:
However, we discovered that there was a limit that truncated the really acceptable name we chose. "The Golden Dragons of Arendyll" is now "Golden Dragons of Arendyl" (missing the last "L"). Granted we could pick a shorter name, or even a different color, but really wanted to include the world name in the team name.

1. Expand the Fellowship Name field?

One of our team mates is always researching the forumns and FAQ's and educating our members (or trying to educate our members). I have officially (but off the record, so to speak) this member as the Official Sage of the Golden Dragons of Arendyll, for being our advisor and teacher.

2. Add another office to the fellowship - "Sage"?

I would be interested what others think of this as well.


Well-Known Member
I think both are reasonable, but you need to pick one and move the other to a different thread, because even if it survives the moderators, it will be hard to get people to vote on two ideas with one poll.

It's probably worth checking out the pinned forum guide to get it formatted and have an idea how it will proceed
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Senior Forum Moderator
Elvenar Team
Unfortunately, I will have to shut down both of your idea. I will not waste the developers time, or my CM's with an idea that seems to only benefit one fellowship.

Have a good day