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U.P. - Unite & Prosper


Well-Known Member
U.P. (Unite & Prosper) is an established fellowship on Felyndral. We are made up of players from all over who have joined together to help one another grow/prosper in the game. We are currently looking for a few active members to fill vacancies in our fellowship. Like most fellowships we have basic rules such as visit 4 times a week, post fair trades, and participate as much as you can/want in tournaments and fellowship adventures.
Our players range in scores from 7,000 to 157,000. We believe in producing boosted goods; especially at later levels as this helps others with active trading etc. While a lot of fellowships are concerned with scores and getting a certain number of chests every tournament - we are concerned with you having fun and getting the support you need to advance in the game. This is not to say we don't do much in tournaments; generally we get the 5th or 6th chest and we did finish all three stages of the FA.
So if you are an active player looking for a fun and helpful group of players to spend your time with on Felyndral; then U.P is the fellowship for you! If you are interested you can either apply to the fellowship or send me an email in game (Username is Jasix).
Thanks! :)


New Member
Hi. I am active in another account, but am building another city in this account and need a FS to join. I am very actyive in both accounts and help players on a daily basic.