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Unable to log on through btowser


Ex-Team Member
We aren't able to reproduce this so we do need a player who is affected to run a tracert so we can send it. At this time it seems to be provider related.

Since it's not the game itself, they need to see where the timeout is occurring and if the ping is reaching the data center.


Ex-Team Member
Thanks, I was hoping for a timeout since that would show where it is occurring, but I can send that as well.

You can certainly delete that now since it shows your location which is why I asked for PM's. I don't like players posting too much identifiable information out here :)


Active Member
zero timeouts then on another tracert US0.elvenar.com still wont load( but really slow on some hops)

multiple timeouts on forge of empires


Ex-Team Member
Right now I'm seeing a lot that are Comcast, as are the other games. Is anyone using a different provider and having this as well?

(this is not just our game being affected, FoE and Grepo are reporting as well so we are all trying to gather information)


Ex-Team Member
Unfortunately that does sound like it may be the ISP itself, but we will keep trying until we are certain :)

Lord Draconian

Well-Known Member
I've had no problems on any browsers(Edge, Chrome, Firefox or Maxthon) or the app. through BlueStacks with Spectrum so probably is Comcast... weird when Spectrum is doing a better job. :rolleyes:


New Member
I've been having trouble trying to log on the Elvenar all day. What is the problem? There are 22 hours left of Redbeard before it's over. At this rate, I won't finish. Are the powers that be going to extend the lost time because of all the problems we've been experiencing?

My daughter got it to work by going into web development tools in chrome. She went into security and refreshed it from there and after a moment it turned green and was able to log on. She said looking into it there maybe an error in the coding and the tech's may have to check it out. But yet and still I lost an entire day and more than likely won't get it back.
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