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Unable to log on through btowser


New Member
I can't log in with chrome or explorer or the mobile app, this has been going on all day. I hope they extend the event time because of this. I am one away from getting the prize.


New Member
Typical guess it;s time for me to give someone else s game my time money and effort. They don't seem real interested in fixing this or even addressing it for that matter. Bye Felicia.....


New Member
I have comcast and have not been able to log in since 8 am est this morning which was short lived and I have not been able to get on since then. It wouldn't even log onto the site at all. So I seen where rebooting the router helped someone else get logged on so I rebooted and now I can get onto the site but it still will not load the game at all, doesn't even take me to the loading screen. Just says Elvenar has timed out.


New Member
i saw the thread that says this is affecting comcast users. i am on comcast and i can't login to Sinya Arda https://us6.elvenar.com/game but i have no problem accessing Arendyll https://us1.elvenar.com/game hoping this helps to identify the problem. i've been shut out since last night at about 10pm PST, totally ruining my chances of finishing this quest
I have Comcast, yet I can log in beta just fine. I can't even use the mobile app to log in and that's not through Comcast. Here is a screenshot of the web login.


Well-Known Member
If this hasn't cleared up, you might try a VPN (should be able to find a free trial by searching, or if affiliated with a college, they may offer one.


Well-Known Member
another comcaster here
some weird things i was experiencing
( it may be ok now )
at times i could log into A and K worlds fine but not F world
other times i couldn't do anything with chrome but got some connection with other browsers
just weird


Active Member
Fascinating. I have Comcast too and am experiencing very slow logins plus trouble with Chat inside the game. I have several cities on the US servers, but am working exclusively on Winyandor at the moment.

Below is what I posted on the beta forums regarding my problems with Chat and what happened when I tried my VPN.

"Somewhere in my travels trying to figure out what happened to Elvenar's Chat in my city, someone suggested trying a VPN. I have a VPN, but wasn't using it for Elvenar. "Hey, I'll try it!" I declared. Tally ho! and off I go into the wild blue yonder.

The VPN allowed me to login to Elvenar, view Chat and do anything I wanted to here in the game. I logged out feeling I'd overcome the No Chat problem successfully, with little effort.

Then came the downside. Various non-gaming important-for-work sites began freaking out that I was logging in from unknown locations. Security measures kicked in on those sites and our network - and for the last 24 hours, I've been working out the kinks and crooks of this mess. I've gotten back to a semblance of stability, but OMGosh, what a PITElbow! These work sites have never reacted to the VPN in this manner before. I'm baffled.

Who knew attempting to deal with such a seemingly simple part of this game could cause total - and I mean TOTAL - chaos in the real world!"