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Unable to open AWs for other players


Well-Known Member
Hopefully this is not a bug. You can give KP to yourself, but no one else. Finally pushing is stopped. I could live with it.


Same for Me, i can't open Ancien wonders from others! to give KP.


I am having the same issue today, yesterday no problem. I am unable to open any AW at all, not my or anyone on my team?


also cannot open an invite window...it pops up but is blank


I will submit a ticket then, because I still cannot donate to other player's AW's.
Please do, we will be glad to help!
Also, make sure you refresh the game as well, as this may sometimes be the solution if your game has not yet caught up with the fix :)
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Please do, we will be glad to help!
Thanks, and I know you'd have fixed it for me if had been broken.
Well, I was at work and signed in for 5 min to collect/reset productions when I checked to see if it had been fixed. Between phones ringing and people coming in, I got more distracted and wasn't able to get the ticket submitted. I got home and it's fine. I'm guessing it was the distractions that made me think it wasn't fixed...will try to remember in the future if I'm rushing through something, just wait until I don't have to rush to do more than just collect/reset, lol!