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Underpants Gnomes!!!


New Member
Roll with the gnomies!!!
Time to go to work, Work all night, Search for underpants yay!
We won't stop until we have underpants!
Yum tum yummy tum tay!

We are a TEAM - driven and focused fellowship, currently seeking CH9+ players with the boosted goods of crystal, gems and/or elixir . We are evenly matched on T1 goods so either of the three of T1 boosted goods are fine.

Our FS Rank is #14 and we are only a month old in this phoenix form.

Daily players and we grow by being chatty, fun & helpful to one another.
We do love the 10th chest in tournaments though and unlocked it our second tournament week.

Our FS Tournament requirements are rank point based; underpant theft is optional (but highly encouraged)

Please message me or 2242 (our recruiting mage) to open up communication.

**** Foul language, drama & cheating/push accounts are NOT tolerated****

Underpants Gnomes Elvenstats Link <3