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Unicorn Druids - dead from lack of interest.


Just started today: Wednesday, Nov 13, 2019 - Currently seeking the following boosts:

Have 0 . :marble: . :crystal: . :gem: . want 2
Have 0 . :marble: . :silk: . :gem: . want 2
Have 0 . :marble: . :crystal: . :elixir: . want 2

Have 1 . :steel: . :scroll: . :elixir: . want 2
Have 0 . :steel: . :crystal: . :elixir: . want 2
Have 0 . :steel: . :scroll: . :magicdust: . want 2

Have 0 . :plank: . :silk: . :magicdust: . want 2
Have 0 . :plank: . :scroll: . :magicdust: . want 2
Have 0 . :plank: . :silk: . :gem: . want 2

Message me in-game for invite.

I'd like players that want to help others in the fellowship build their cities through KP exchange as well as Neighborly Help.
Tourney participation is encouraged as it helps you: accelerate AW research and acquire AW Runes,
Looking for players (ambassador) to help find Browser Players.
Looking for a coordinator (mage) for the FA game.

Browser Player restriction: All fellows must be able to trades KPs. I don't care if you use the app, in fact I encourage it, just not exclusively. Can't get an invite using it though; there's no facility for that on the app. I need fully functional players for Unicorn Druids.
AW level building - rotation KP exchange - w/voluntary join.
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Fellowship building AW level - KP Exchange Rules

This is a rotation exchange. . Each player in exchange spends a minimum 2 KP / day on designated player's AW until all points for the level are full.
Additional KPs may be spent to compete for chests as desired. . Joining exchange is voluntary.

Questions? . Message me in game.
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