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Upcoming Event


Well-Known Member
Last night, we got the announcement for the upcoming event, but there are discrepancies. The announcement states the "Forbidden Ruins" but the link goes to the "Secret of Alchemy". On the Wiki, the Forbidden Ruins is slightly different than the Secret of Alchemy event listed on iDavis' website. So we are confused as to which event is coming up and would like clarification.

Also, I commented in a post last night, but it seems that it's gone? Slightly disappointing that an error was commented and was not acknowledged.


  • Event 011823_1.png
    Event 011823_1.png
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Elvenar Team
Until an announcement is made in the forums, it is not official, and it seems that, again the Shenanigans' are sending out messages in-game.


Well-Known Member
This in game message is giving a hint for some upcoming content. Keep an eye on the forum for further announcements ;)
The hint is confusing though because the announcement states the Forbidden Ruins, but then button directs you to the Secrets of Alchemy, which when you look at the Wiki and iDavis' website, are two different events.


Ex-Team Member
The message describes a journey into the Forbidden Ruins, this will feature in the upcoming event. The Forbidden Ruins event was last year's, but that location may also feature in this year's event.