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Discussion Update 1.125 discussion


Community Manager
Elvenar Team
Any thoughts about v1.125?
Let us know here!

Before anyone asks, yes we have made sure that your...passionate thoughts on AR have been properly forwarded to everyone else on the Elvenar team.
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I haven't seen this in release notes, but today upon logging in I got a "daily gift." I had a pop-up notification, and a chest to open in the shop. I received some elixir, and now have a timer counting down to the next game day when I assume I'll have a new chest to open. I'm curious what else will be in those chests.

Enevhar Aldarion

Well-Known Member
The new daily gift is only on mobile right now. Also, I got one in my Live city, but not my Beta city yet. And on top of that, I think this attempt to add a daily gift that you have to collect through the diamond shop is causing the browser version of the game to freeze. I tried in both my cities and the same thing happened both times. @Nightguest @helya I am surprised there are not a ton of bug reports about this already, as right now it is impossible to buy diamonds in the browser version of the game.


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The shop has frozen in one of my cities too. I see an alert that there's a gift, but I can't actually reach it.