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Update v1.119 Discussion thread


Chef - loquacious one
Is anyone else experiencing a negative impact on the mobile game display since the update? The game display on my Pixel 4 no longer goes edge-to-edge on my screen. The display is much smaller, leaving lots of "blank space" on either side. The change was very jarring when I first opened the game after the update and I still can't get used it. Also, it just sucks. Phones are already working with limited display space. Another player in my FS has encountered this issue, using a Samsung Galaxy S8. Another member is not experiencing this issue with an LG V20.

The issue can be seen in the picture below. The game display and my keyboard used to be the same size. Now you can see how much the game display has decreased since the update.

I have cleared my cache. I have uninstalled the game and re-installed it. All to no avail. :( (the only advice given from support)

I don't see anything referenced in the release notes, but this issue presented immediately after the update.

Am I alone in my misery??

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Did you update your device? It may be a change in the keyboard display is forcing the game to take less room. Just an idea.