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upgrading builder's hut.


Well-Known Member
The only way to get extra builders is to buy them with diamonds. You just click "upgrade" and pay the diamonds.


Active Member
I have over 800 diamonds but I have 8 worlds that use the same diamonds. like they're connected diamond wise. so I cant really use them all on one world, I could, but then that just doesn't flow with my ocd system. the builders hut on the other hand, I just stay at level 2, and I'm just attending the spire and stuff to keep building up my diamond supply so it can be distributed throughout my 8 other worlds. and its also a matter of opinion weather or not you use them for more then one thing. but yes, diamonds is the only way, was my point.


Well-Known Member
If you are a new player, diamonds are better spent on maximizing the Magic Academy first. It will pay for itself with the mystery object chests.


New Member
Getting another builder was one of the first things that I did, it was tremendously helpful!