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US - Felyndral - Carpenters Hollow - Recruiting!


US Felyndral - Carpenters Hollow - Recruiting!

️ Welcome to Carpenters Hollow ️️

Are you a tired of the drama and restrictions of other Fellowships or possibly a newbie who wants to learn without pressure or are you a player who has a large city but wants a change? Well, you have just found your place to relax and play! We are a fairly new Fellowship looking for Active players, 4 days per week or daily (preferred), who like to participate and focus on building our cities by helping each other. Trades are fair 2* and 3* and chatting and messaging is encouraged to help each other get to know each other and to shout out their needs. Absolutely NO DRAMA is allowed. We look for like-minded Players willing to work as a TEAM with others for the success of our cities growth! We encourage everyone to play at their own comfort level. Tournaments and Spire are encouraged but no cap placed at this time. Events played at your own free will...come on, let's play!!!
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you put a big "hey mod please delete thread" on title .. or do what i do keep it around and change the message now and then when someone has to quit