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Vacation Mode?


I have to leave for 2 weeks with my Reserve unit, and will not have computer access. After the recent purge of inactive players, I am a little concerned that when I get back my account may have been deleted!!

I looked and can't find a vacation mode to prevent this from happening. Any suggestions?


  • Players who have been inactive for 30+ days will be deleted from the world map from now on. We are making this change to make sure that the map is filled with active players, and it should improve available trades in the Trader as well as Neighborly Help.

    The information I discovered was in:


    Though you should make an suggestion/idea for vacation mode. That sounds like an excellent idea for people who is away on a vacation or something or unable to log in for certain time being.

    Though 2 weeks is not a months or 30+ days. Don't worry, man.

    - Jarreth


I think this would be awesome as well. I am gonna run into the same thing with my reserves training as well


I agree. Vacation mode would be good for people who have jobs that may limit their computer access for an extended period (or, gods forbid, if there's some sort of disaster in their area that limits or takes down internet access for a while). It could also be helpful for people who just need to take a break from the game for a while.


One of my most helpful neighbors hasn't visited my city for a few days now. I'd like to suggest to members that they let their active neighbors know if they are going to be away for a few days. That way, your neighbors won't start biting their nails, worrying that you won't be back.