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Veni Vidi Vici is seeking active players!


Active Member
We are an extremely active fun group, and are seeking very active players to fill out the roster.
We have competed in tourney and won all 10 chests.( gems took 8)
We want active tourney players.

This is Mykans fs (of Mykans Guides), and we hope to add some additions boosted in:
However, we will review all boosts.

Our Fs is in the top 100 on US 1 Arendyll.

Here is our FS statement:

Our Fellowship believes in team work and helping each other. We are happy to help new and experienced players alike. We do have a level of friendly competitiveness about us and we like to see all members grow and progress. Regular updates on fellowship progress are provided so we can celebrate our team's achievements. We have only 2 requirements but we do encourage our players to succeed in building an efficient and thriving town and participate as a team. As such we have listed our view of an ideal member. We do recognize that each person is an individual with their own goals.

-Visit and provide help to fellowship members a minimum of 3x per week
-No 0 star trades, unless under special circumstances

-Visits 3+ times per week, following preferred help requested
-Produce only boosted goods
-Post trades when you need goods and give a shout out if it's urgent
-Weekly participation in the tournament for fellowship rewards
-Provides notification of long absences and places a return date in town name
-Asks for help if needed
-Respectful to all members

A message sent with your application telling us a little about you is appreciated and will be made a priority over those who do not message. Please contact siscrys13 or Crystal Dawn
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