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Vision Vapor


Well-Known Member
Vision Vapor can only be obtained through crafting. Sorry.

Though, looking up your city on ElvenStats, it seems you've been around for a while. If you still have Red Panda Master floating around your inventory and can evolve it to lv 10, try deploying it. Its feed effect increases the VV return per craft by +3.

If this is about a city that hasn't appeared on ElvenStats yet, or I'm looking at the wrong player, the only other suggestion I can make is to do more Spire, or rush the research if you're not yet at chapter 3. The costs are steep (though in a good fellowship, higher chapter players might be willing to help with goods), but the prizes you get from it greatly help out the crafting scene. If you're already swimming in resources for building, the devs recently re-introduced Sip of Clarity as a third floor - third miniboss prize to help make cycling through craft recipes less costly.

I'd also suggest crafting and deploying the Moonstone Library set as soon as possible.

Enevhar Aldarion

Oh Wise One
It would be nice if there was even one other source for VV. The daily quest for last night included completing a research or collecting 30 VV. I have no research to complete, with chapter 19 done, and all my crafting choices were tiny until the next 6-hour cycle, and then those were crappy too. I think even if I had wasted time boosters to complete all of both cycles, I would still have been at less than 30 VV. lol


Well-Known Member
Thanks to all for your answers. I'm not exactly "stuck", but I'm on the 30 VV quest. Will try to craft what I can use, and hopefully not waste too many time boosters. It just seems that they got awfully heavy on the VV quests, both in number of quests, and VV per quest..............
To Zoof - I don't do all that "fancy" stuff or evolve anything, but thanks.......


Chef - loquacious one
I think the only thing that saves me from getting frustrated with those "30 VV" quests is having my crafting integrated into my game play style. A turnover of the crafting choices seldom goes by without my taking one or two and using instants to finish them. Which means I have to do the Spire to the top, do all the events. and be a big tournament player as well. This game has a lot of cross integration and if you don't do all of it, I mean every part of it, you can easily get stuck...especially in the early guest race chapters where CC's and SF are in shorter supply.

Just an observation. Sorry I can't be of more help.



Tetris Master
If you have a higher number of Spell Fragments and Combining catalysts it tends to give you larger cost items, which then return a higher Vision Vaper number. 4 cycles of 6 hours in a day should get you there, even if the last cycle stretches into the next day.