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New Game Features Visits to fellowship members


New Member
I like the new way of clicking in fellowship lists to visit members so much more quickly.

It would be nice if those rewards were a little further to the right of the screen so that you can easily see who you have already visited. It scrolls up right over the next person to be visited. Rather messy. Thanks.


Well-Known Member
I think this might be what's under discussion as "those rewards" because they do get inthe way when you are moving quickly.


I've noted in previous comments on this that they rise from the pixel where you click to help, so if you make sure to move the mouse slightly to one side or the other when you click:

then the floater won't be over the other helping hands:

So while it would be nice if they floated up from a different spot (like mouse x-50:y instead of x:y) so they wouldn't get in the way, it's actually fairly easy to deal with.


Well-Known Member
What would make Ashrem's suggestion work even better is if they always put all three icons on the screen -- the builder, the Main Hall, and the Culture, in the same place and just greyed out the ones not available. That way you'd always be clicking in the same spot (I use the far left edge of culture icon in most cases), so the "floaters" don't float over the next player's visit button. It would also be slightly faster.

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