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Active players with large cities looking to grow and play group events. 12+ chests in weekly tournys. 6th Place in FA is our record. Please read and agree to these rules to join our team. 90 day probation period for new fellows. If you are not participating / communicating / meeting minimums, you will be let go (you must play to stay).

Maintain factories for boosted/sentient goods only and trade with fellows for non-boosted goods. All trades must be at least 2 stars (unless agreed to in advance), except during tournies when smaller cities may place same-tier 0-star 1:4 ratio trades (for tourny supplies only). If urgent, put a "1" at the end of the trade amount and if you are "fishing" outside our FS place a "5" at the end.

Give 'neighborly help' often (at least 4X a week).

Everyone participates in group events (Tourny, Spire, FA) unless you alert a Mage otherwise. Aim for at least 1,600 tourny points (if you drop below 700 points, you will be a candidate for removal).

Fellowship Adventures: We prepare in advance, and communicate often. Use our spreadsheet or post daily in Group Chat to help us track Badges.

Check Group Chat often. If you are going on holiday, or will be absent due to life events, kindly alert a Mage so that we don't worry about you and prevent being removed. Help keep Group Chat supportive and fun. Share tips. Steer clear of potentially divisive issues (the game is our refuge from real life)


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