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Hello Well hello there!


Hello all! Brand new to the game and of course I had to find the forum for it. : )
Really looking forward to digging into the game and getting to know everyone!

Also, ignore me as I try to follow the signature guide I found to upload my own signature haha. :3

Sir Squirrel

Well-Known Member
Welcome , I hope you are enjoying the game! Glad you found my help post on how to add a signature, your signature looks good!
Here are some helpful guides to help you get to know the game a little better.

The wiki on the first page of the forum has a lot of good info.

playing guide

battle guides

Also Gems of knowledge is a great place to find info for the game and events as well.

Elvenstats is a great place to see your in game stats and your fellowships stats also.

Elvenarchitect is the place to play with your city layout before you reorganize your city for real.

Happy gaming!!


Thank you so much for the resources, Sir Squirrel! I also joined the discord server and they have been fantastic with my random questions!

Haha I had to Google what a lolicon was, @Atlashimmelbaerer ! I used to look like her in my high school days but she's way cuter than I ever was! :p My discord and such is built off my FFXIV character, who is a "cat girl", and that tends to be my running theme in online communities!