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What are you watching?

Alpha Lyrae

Well-Known Member
I thought it would be fun to have a thread about shows/movies we're watching or want to watch. Recently, I saw a preview for Project Power on Netflix and I can't wait for its release! What are you watching or looking forward to watching?



Well-Known Member
We're classic freaks. We watched the original Magnificent 7 with Brynner recently. Give me an old Western any day. Gosh I miss Yul. (I guess you can tell I'm over the hill, lol. Then again, my kids like it. I guess because that's what they were raised on.)


Active Member
Oh, that is so funny! I do too! I tell that tuna, come on now! You're not that hungry! Of all the fish in the ocean, you have to bite one with a hook in it?!

I did start feeling sorry for the tunas. And it is nice to see them get away once in a while. lol